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Prayer for Burnage

Prayers for the streets of Burnage

Each week at St Margaret's we pray for our streets and the people who live in them.

Over the course of each year we will have prayed for every street in our parish, including yours. We also have a 'prayer box' on the railings near the Lych gate on Burnage Lane in which you can post a prayer. This box is emptied every week and the prayer requests are added to our regular prayer times each Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Dates we pray for roads in the Parish during 2021

Jan 3 Acorn Close, Ferguson Court

Jan 10 Cringle Hall Road, Hanlith Mews

Jan 17 Brecon Avenue, Connaught Avenue, Lindsey Road, Brighton Avenue

Jan 24 Calverley Avenue, Burnage Hall Road, Burnham Drive

Jan 31 Errwood Road (from Crossley Road to Milwain Road)             

Feb 7 Lynton Drive, Orville Drive, Omer Drive

Feb 14 Kenwood Avenue, Avonlea Drive, Bournelea Avenue

Feb 21 Paignton Avenue, Devon Avenue

Feb 28 Kingsway East Side, (Burnham Drive to Barcicroft Road)

Mar 7 Kingsway West Side, (Mauldeth Road to Westcroft Road)

Mar 14 Brookthorpe Avenue, St Margaret’s Avenue, Dahlia Close

Mar 21 Burnage Garden Village

Mar 28 Grangethorpe Drive, Hoscar Drive

Apr 4   Burnside Drive, Astor Road, Glendale Avenue, Hembury Avenue

Apr 11 Burnage Lane, (Mauldeth Road to Green End), Fair Oak Road, Dernford Avenue;

Apr 18 Ferndale Gardens, Brookdene Road.

Apr 25 Thornfield Road, Rosevale Avenue, Holcombe Gardens & Oasis Close

May 2   Westcroft Road, Southbank Road, Southlea Road, Kingsway Crescent, Woodbray Avenue

May 9   Northbank Gardens; Briarfield Road, Burnbray Avenue

May 16 Shawlea Avenue, Woodlea Avenue, Sunnylea Avenue, Briarlea Gardens

May 23 Green End Road, Broadlea Road

May 30 Hydefold Close, Church Row, Bibby Lane, Pearn Rd, Pearn Avenue

Jun 6   Burnage Lane, (Green End to Barcicroft Road), Brookway Close

Jun 13 Westdean Crescent, Alston Gardens, and Ashburn Avenue

Jun 20 Moorcroft Drive, Moorcroft Walk, Mauldeth Road, Whitehurst Road

Jun 27 Kingsway East Side (from Barcicroft Road to Mauldeth Road)

Jul 4   Barnfield Road, Oakland Avenue, Carrgreen Close

Jul 11 Burnage Lane, (Mauldeth Road to Slade Lane), Hodgson Court

Jul 18 Heathwood Road, Angleside Avenue, Ivylea Road

Jul 25 Errwood Road,(Green End to Shawbrook Road), Woodside Avenue, Elmhurst Drive, Wood View Avenue,                       Guernsey Close

Aug 1  Errwood Road, (Shawbrook Road to Crossley Road)

Aug 8  Crompton Road, Kempton Road

Aug 15 Ranford Road, Milwain Road, Hilbre Road

Aug 22 Eastern Circle, Ealing Place, Harrow Avenue, Watford Road

Aug 29 Henley Place, Pinner Place, Amersham Place, Enfield Avenue

Sep 5  Shawbrook Road, Westdale Gardens

Sep 12 Western Circle, Asquith Road, Ascot Parade

Sep 19 Baldwin Road, Chorleywood Avenue

Sep 26 Epsom Avenue, Hatfield Avenue, Winslow Place

Oct 3  Avon Road, Firethorn Avenue, Avon Gardens

Oct 10 May Drive, Arbor Drive, Arbor Avenue,

Oct 17 Crossley Road, Hawthorn Drive, Redthorn Avenue, Whitethorn Avenue, Blackthorn Avenue

Oct 24 Jersey Close, Alexandra Drive, Roseleigh Avenue

Oct 31 Morton Avenue, Moorton Park, Oakleigh Avenue

Nov 7   Burnage Ave, St Helier Square, Tirza Avenue, Brookfield Court

Nov 14 Mauldeth Road, (West of Kingsway), Harwood Road (mosque)

Nov 21 Broadhill Road, Mauldeth Road, (Kingsway to Burnage Lane)

Nov 28 Daneholme Road, Foxwood Gardens

Dec 5  Glenhurst Road, Westville Gardens

Dec 12 Overlea Drive, Edgedale Avenue, Northolme Gardens, Southolme Gardens

Dec 19 Lansdale Gardens, Holmdale Gardens, Eastville Gardens

Dec 26 Barcicroft Road, Redcroft Gardens, Whitecroft Gardens