Together we aim to: Worship God, Proclaim Jesus, Grow in the Spirit and Serve the World

Sunday Services

Sunday is a vital part of our week when we meet together to worship.

Morning Services (10.30am)

On the first Sunday of each month is an all-age Celebration Service, where the whole family can join together in worship. We now plan our infant baptisms into this informal service.

On the second Sunday each month we have our Family Communion service at 10.30am, The children and young people start in their groups in the Parish Centre and join the rest of the congregation to share Communion together.

On the third Sunday each Month we have our Morning worship; children leave part way through for their own teaching groups.

On the fourth Sunday each month we have Holy Communion; children leave part way through for their own teaching groups

If there is a fifth Sunday in the month we have a healing service which may include anointing with oil.

Refreshments are served in the Parish Centre after the morning service

to which everyone is welcome.

Afternoon Service: 3.00pm

On the third Sunday of each month we celebrate a 3.00pm Book of Common Prayer Communion Service. This is a said service without music.

Evening Service: (6.30pm 1st Sunday each month)

On the first Sunday of the month we celebrate Holy Communion together.

Children and Youth

St Margaret's church is a family friendly church. Children and made to feel very welcome as part of our church family. Each week their experience of church is considered by the team. We have Sunday morning activities for children and young people which are organised under the title of Urban Saints.

Children and young people are usually included in the main church service for the first 20 minutes after which they move to the adjoining Parish Centre, splitting into three age appropriate groups: 3 - 5 yrs, 6 - 10 yrs and 11 - 16 yrs.

On the first Sunday of each month we have an all-age celebration service in church at which the whole church family worship together and in which the children can often contribute.

On the second Sunday of each month children and young people begin in church and leave to have a short time in their own groups before rejoining the main service in time to share in communion.

On the fourth Sunday all the young people meet together in the Parish Centre for a fun and interactive time together. This builds relationships across the age groups and reminds each young person they are part of the whole.